The Nautilus Project is an open music project, founded in 2008. It ranges between nautical themes, contemporary ideas, atmospheric nature based excursions and postmodern sci-fi-world explorations, touching deep/dub techno, ambient, drone and related genres. Over the years, the music of the project became much more detailed with an emphasis on surrounding nature and the profoundity of the human being amidst different sceneries and scenarios. TNP is also mastermind and co-founder of the Lusatian 'Forest Roots' netlabel, working there under the 'Nemo' moniker in collaboration with Jaymon, focusing on music with field recordings and storytelling elements from and about the forest and with a strong relation to the mystical depths of the Lusatian landscapes. The moniker of "Nemo" is an insider dedication since the age of 14 and is also linked to The Nautilus Project by the dual meaning of these two words.